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Excerpts from a lecture given on October 20, 1988 in Los Angeles, CA

What is in this for me and what about me, are common questions which all of you ask.

A very good answer to this is that when there is extreme hopelessness, you become the hope; when there is all coward-ness, you become the courage; when impossible, you become possible. That is what is for you, that’s what ‘you’ is about. For you there is only one thing and one thing for you: when there is nothing you become everything.

When somebody has a state of hopelessness and somebody’s touch gives all hope back, that is God. God is not that which you can define; God is your action—the act of Infinity on your part. When there is absolute temptation, corruption, desire, and need, and you want it, and you walk away from that corruption, that is God. When the most deadly enemy is totally injured and walks in your door and you take him in and you heal him, you love him, you nurture him, and send him with blessing, grace and smile, that is God.

Life is mutual. It is not my strength or your strength, it is my balance and your balance. It is my balance and my harmony, and your balance and your harmony which can carry us to the destination.

I have seen some people, they just complain. They don’t understand the other person’s position at all—what one is going through. They know what they are going through, what is for me. What is in it for me? That answer is, when there is nothing, you become everything. When there is no hope, you become the hope. Where there is darkness, you become the light. When there is all coward-ness, you become the courage. With that strength you relieve somebody of the pain, hopelessness, and darkness, and serve and exalt—that is for you and that is called human.

Man’s reach for Infinity is nothing but his reality of spirit, which gives him courage over death. That is where man conquers death—when you serve and become the hope of the hopeless, and you become the shelter of the shelter-less, and you give to those who do not deserve, and you come through where it is impossible. It is not what you can do, or what you cannot do, it is a clarity of the mind through which your spirit comes through, your soul comes through, and delivers you to that state of mind.

What is meditation? Meditation is when you see in yourself where the short-circuit is, and then you repair it. Meditation is nothing eastern, western, religious, non-religious, crazy, not crazy. It is a simple technology in which you repair your mental fuse and stabilize yourself. A man with meditation is stabilized and has stabilized behavior and environments, and he has gears that he can go into the top, bottom, reverse, whenever he likes.

Man has agreed in his wisdom that there is a limit to tolerate; when there is a limit to tolerate, those who can tolerate beyond that limit are called saints. When a person tolerates beyond human tolerance—that is sainthood. When the impossible become possible, that is the heroism of the man and it requires nothing. It isn’t the life that matters, it’s the courage you bring to it* and there is a process in us through which we create the stamina, the courage, the grit, the strength.

Phoenix has a Tantric course. People don’t understand what a Tantric course is. I will tell you what Tantric is. Tantric is nothing but a diagonal stretch of the human system in which balance is obtained and subconscious is cleared. Fears are lost, courage is achieved and one starts life with a new smile. It is a science. It is for those who want to achieve it. It’s a question of going through the system, going through the channel, going through the achievement, so that if the angles are wrong they can be back right again.

*”It isn’t the life that matters, it’s the courage you bring to it.” Quote by Hugh Walpole, from his book, Fortitude

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan